May 15th - October 1st


7 Hours





Tour Program

Here is what’s included in the program of this tour

This 7 hour trip takes you to most of the historic and scenic destinations on all of the major lakes I Voyageurs National Park including Kabetogama, Namakan, Rainy, Sand Point and Crane. In addition to seeing all of the highlights covered on my other tours, weather permitting, this trip includes a cruise along the south shore of Namakan Lake followed by navigation through the beautiful Namakan Narrows where members of the Ojibwa Nation painted pictographs on the flat rocks over 100 years ago. We will also take a detour on Sand Point Lake into Grassy Bay to view the cliffs and then along the route of the Voyageurs to the far southeastern end of the park. We will cover well over 100 nautical miles on the boat by the end of our day. Rest stops on this tour are usually no more than 90 minutes apart. No passports are required. Please note: All tours are rain or shine. For this tour only the tour route may be adjusted at the last minute due to weather conditions.

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